KAAPA Ethanol Commodities: Your direct source of distillers grains for your feed yard is right in your backyard.

You need a distillers grains supplier you can count on for a reliable supply, consistently high quality, and a competitive price. You need KAAPA Ethanol Commodities.

KAAPA works directly with cattle feeders, animal nutritionists and beef experts across central Nebraska to provide a consistent, reliable supply of high-quality distillers grains for optimized cattle rations.

KAAPA operates Nebraska ethanol production facilities in Minden and Ravenna — right in the heart of some of the state’s largest and most productive cattle feeding operations. With two strategically positioned ethanol plants to serve you, KAAPA should be the first call you make when you need distillers grains to feed to your cattle.

High-quality distillers direct from the source.

You can source your distillers grains directly from KAAPA, without dealing with a third-party broker or middle man. You deal directly with the people at KAAPA who produce and market the product.

That means quicker response, competitive pricing and zero chance for miscommunication about what you need and when you need it.

Two plants to ensure a consistent, reliable supply.

Sourcing your distillers grains from KAAPA is a great way to manage risk for your cattle rations. With two ethanol plants virtually in your backyard, your feed yard is assured of getting the high-quality product you need, when you need it. If one plant can’t meet your request, it’s a pretty good bet the other one can.

Bottom line: You can count on high quality with every load—with no worries.

Making the most of your time—and your money.

Time is money, right? So we’re structured to save you time—and money—at every step.

One phone call—direct to your KAAPA distillers grains marketer—is all it takes to do business with us. You enjoy top-notch service and outstanding service in every transaction. And you get a competitive price that improves your bottom line.

Both of our ethanol plants are designed and equipped for quick and efficient load out of your trucks, so your drivers spend less time in line and are back on the road to your operation ASAP. Or we can deliver product right to your feedlot—saving you time and labor.

KAAPA quality in every load.

KAAPA is one of Nebraska’s biggest success stories. We’re a homegrown, farmer-owned business with a proven track record of unmatched service, consistently high quality and financial stability and strength.

Our Minden plant has been continuously operating since 2003. We’ve been operating the plant in Ravenna since 2016. KAAPA knows how to run an ethanol plant, how to produce and deliver distillers grains—and how to treat customers right.

We’re in it for the long haul, so you can count on KAAPA to be your source for distillers grains today and for years to come.

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KAAPA Ethanol, LLC

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KAAPA Ethanol Ravenna, LLC

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